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Psychotherapist Esra Bayraktar

"Putting you first makes us first"

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//Psychotherapist Esra Bayraktar

Psychotherapist Esra Bayraktar

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Project Details

Distinguished Psychologist/Psychotherapist Esra Bayraktar Süngü has provided the opportunity to communicate with her followers one-to-one with her successes, trainings and documents she has received throughout her education life, and through the website where we have prepared the psychological support for individuals and groups.
Esra Bayraktar Süngü creates a one-to-one support process by making special evaluations for the consultants.
With the website we have designed, it provides the clients with the opportunity to reach them online, and they have the opportunity to get to know themselves closely.
At the same time, the opportunity to make interactive evaluations was created by having the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the followers through the consultancy service we provided on social media.
The website we have prepared for psychologist Esra Bayraktar Süngü and the social media consultancy service we have provided are among our references.
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