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YNS Corrosion

"Putting you first makes us first"

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//YNS Corrosion

YNS Corrosion

You can review the details about the project from the images.

Project Details

YNS Corrosion, which provides corrosion studies, project and engineering services, anode production, underwater mounting and jacket services for piles, has chosen us for its corporate identity work.

YNS Corrosion, which carries out activities for the repair and strengthening of industrial facilities and marine structures by protecting them against corrosion, has provided the users with the opportunity to reach over the internet with the website we have prepared, in addition to its corporate identity work.
We worked with YNS Corrosion with our software development services, which are among our system solutions.
Support was also provided with the mobile applications we designed to promote the services it offers and to communicate with its customers easily from any point.

Video presentations were prepared with the visual appearance of YNS Corrosion’s introductions and detailed descriptions of their projects, and shared on many platforms, including social media and the website.

In order to establish one-to-one communication with YNS Corrosion followers, consultancy services were provided on social media accounts.

With all these services we offer, YNS Corrosion is among our references.
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