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Who are we?
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Nano Tasarım
Nano Tasarım
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//who are we?
Who Are We?

It is simple!

A business needs solutions and ideas that include multiple services in defining its resonance.

and we provide…

Our philosophy is; the user experience of a website can turn the visitors to the customers.

design comes first, so are you...

The Nano Team, made up of qualified professionals, uses the “Nano Story Matrix” magic formula that covers the latest digital solutions.

You have a unique story!

the wait is over, it’s time to talk…

Nano Tasarım
Nano Tasarım
Nano Tasarım
Nano Tasarım

We are ‘NANO’!

'The balance of creativity, technology and common sense'

By offering design, we specialize in solving complex problems by combining user experiences with intuitive applications and software. We focus on advertising, digital design, marketing, branding and web design. They don’t just coexist, they work in perfect sync with each other and with our customers’ goals. This harmonious approach notices brands, speaks to people and, most of all, gets results.

Communicate better with our digital and innovative marketing solutions, build a brand and appear where you need them all. NANO Design and Informatics experts are a powerful solution partner in achieving business-critical goals with possible sales, proven tactical and innovative internet marketing campaigns.


We owe our success in the business to our experience and our customers who contribute with their ideas. We are happy to see that our works are permanent and we are increasing our speed on our journey together with our customers.


We are the Design Studio


What's the way to position your brand?<br /> Why do so many good ideas fail?<br /> Isn't it tempting to try to master every new media that will reach out to more people?<br /> Louder!?<br /> More resonant?<br /> The best brands understood the rules of the game,<br /> They built their strategy on great stories.<br /> Focusing on the stationary in an ever-changing world!<br /> We call this story matrix system as the ‘Nano Story’<br /> Here are the 'Nano Story' keynotes that will tell your story:

Web Design

Web Design

Having trouble reaching your customers online?
A web design made with the wrong matrix could be the reason for this!
Your website is your online business card.
Your web presence must be flawless if you’re aiming to seize the countless opportunities from the online ecosystem.
If users cannot find your company on the SERP or have difficulty finding their way through your website, in the simplest terms, you are losing money.
Customer expectations are increasing day by day…
And modern users value their time …
The truth is; considering the first encounter, there is no such thing as a second chance!

What do users expect from your website?

What should your website do for you?

The answer is within YOU...


Your algorithm

The 'Nano Web Matrix' that encodes YOU

Web Design

Software Development

It is very difficult to survive with fast and complex business scenarios in today’s digitally exploited conditions.
It doesn’t have to be difficult anymore!
Nano Design Agency is a leading IT company expertise in all types of web-based solutions. For more than 10 years, we have been involved in every step of our customers’ non-conceptualized needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In this way, we have grown significantly over the years of experience and creativity.
As a “Design and Software Development” company, we understand your business needs and empower you with the latest technology tools to maximize your return on investment with all our e-business interactive solutions, including software development.

Ask yourself the following question:

Should we implement a BI system?

So, what does ‘NANO BI Matrix’ provide for you?

Software development

Graphic Design

Nano Design works with matrices at every stage of branding.
We mark your presence in the market. Every detail counts – from the logo, colors, font selection and business card creation to packaging designs based on customers’ expectations, and all the other integrated solutions.
We design advertising materials (posters, papers, brochures, catalogs), job postings (business cards, company documents). Creations for the Internet; We manage all pixels needed by a professional brand such as banners, graphics for social media, Google Ads with strategic matrices.

Strong Marketing is smart and generous:

'It can shape our feelings’

Poor Marketing is inanimate and selfish:

It screams “LOOK AT ME!”

graphic design



If customers have difficulty in finding the right path to the relevant needs and services; related services must find the way to the customer!
User experiences erode.
Screens age.
Priorities and preferences change.
Nano Design works with matrices at every stage of branding.
Let’s revive the worn out interfaces without interrupting the operations!

If you feel the same:

‘It is time to invest in UX Design...

Boost your emotions and enhance the interaction with an 'Interface Design' (UI)

Let’s see whatYOU NEED

UI UXDesigner

Corporate Identity


Style is the way to tell ‘who we are’ without telling anything.
A brand identity speaks of who you are as a company, concepts, a personality, feelings, values, and your entire culture.
And people buy from professional looking brands with similar values.
“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” -Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.
We say “A good branding speaks for itself”
Have you defined your brand strategically and consistently to convey your business messages?
If so…
create your brand that speaks for itself and tells your story…

You never get a second chance for your branding impression.

Here is the Complete NANO Branding Offer

corporate identity



Let’s face it, the 25th frame is one of the most effective utilities of our time.
Videos are powerful means for the saying “A photo is worth a thousand words” to be more valid than ever.
Videos are the visual arts that prove the human perception is not just eye-centered…
A canonical approach about all stages of the vision of how the image is decoded, how it is encoded, how it is presented and how it is transferred.

Nano visual arts make YOU and your story talk!

Here is the 400.000-year-old language on which the Nano Video Matrix is based:




Educated consumers are beneficial for the companies as well as a disaster …
Conscious consumers search for details on similar products and make an accurate comparison in every aspect, including price and design.
Thanks to detailed, complex, photorealistic 3D models, it is now possible to create product images that are indistinguishable from the reality and to make comparisons.
Offering appropriate solutions to all media for 360 degree views, as well as product shots of any kind; NANO Design 3D create intelligent matrix for the target audience.

As things get closer to the reality, obstacles disappear.

Come on then!

Let's decide which path you will take to create your NANO 3D Matrix.

Let's back up your brand archetype.

3d model


Search Engine Optimization

Do you have the most creatively designed website on the internet?
If no one can find your website, it won’t do you any good!
Web sites not being recognized by Google will cause great inconvenience and customer losses.
Search engines help sites that are compatible with SEO, and give the first pages to the highest scores.
Search engine giant Google directly considers the state of the website, the authenticity of its content, the smoothness and optimization of the code.
This is where search engine optimization (SEO) happens.
SEO is a complex and systematic process. Without the constant monthly attention of an SEO professional, your website’s search result listings may suffer.
This is not exactly a deal or a marketing strategy;
This is the science and engineering of steering the traffic to your website.


Google only fetches 'searchers'.

It starts after that.


NANO SEO Matrix creates 'smart' algorithms specific to the DNA of your business.

Here are those metrics underlying the NANO SEO strategy:


Social Media


We create a smart social marketing strategy that makes the most of your budget and increases your marketing reach everywhere!
We help you take smart steps to understand who your target audience is, where they are and what they want.
NANO Social Media Matrix’ will develop and implement your social marketing strategy specific to your DNA and plan to take your business to the next level.
We define a set of social media rules that will help you build a loyal customer profile.
With our digital marketing matrices, you will not only increase your brand awareness on social media channels, but also distribute key brand messages to your target audience and demographic information.

'NANO Intelligent Social Marketing Matrix' starts with three goals.

It's time to conquer the hearts of your target audience...


social media
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We recommend that you watch our promotional video, where you can get some brief information about us.

Nano Youtube


How Do We Operate?


An important question…<br /> Broadly speaking, our approach is all about resonance.<br /> Providing a pleasant environment designed to anticipate the needs of the user and transform it into a place where they are the centerpiece of your business.<br /> Discovery is essential for this!<br /> Here are the NANO Process discovery steps:<br /> *Brand DNA and Offer Research<br /> *Persona creation, Psychological Profile of User Needs<br /> *Benchmark / Competitive Environment Research<br /> *UX / UI Planning, Reconstruction and Design<br /> *Prototyping<br /> *Implementation<br /> *After Sales Support (Strong focus on performance measurement)<br /> So how does this process work?

  • We Listen

    Every project is unique but starts with common steps. For example, we cannot start our business without knowing you. Where did you start, where are you going? The information you give us about your values, the issues you care about and your customers will lead us to results more easily. Fortunately, we can accelerate this process with our insatiable curiosity and troubling questions.
  • We Are Learning

    According to the size of your project, we define the project during the time we need, try to know you and your goals, and research your sector and competitors. We always work together to achieve your goals and success criteria.
  • We Configure

    In order not to turn your project into a trial board, we use methods that are accepted by experience and statistical data. For flexible and developable code structures, easily editable designs, projects compatible with new technologies, we constantly keep our knowledge up-to-date and use our knowledge for you.
  • We Continue

    We are responsible for our projects not only during the construction phase but also afterwards. That’s why we always think ahead before starting a project, and keep in touch after we finish the project. Because we are working to produce permanent works.


As Nano Tasarım, we prepare your website, which will be the face of your company or service on the internet, in a simple, fast and error-free way that your customers can use most easily. We bring together all kinds of documents that will easily explain your product or service to your site while performing the web design process and we make it possible to summarize your site. After your website is ready, we continue to support it for a designated period of time. You can get an idea by examining our references about our other services, especially web design, that our company has done.

why us
//why us


In addition to the fact that you owe your success in your business life to your hard and regular work, we are sure that you have made good use of the instant opportunities that come your way and have seen their reward.
01. -


An advertising opportunity that appears at that moment, a decision to participate in a expo at the last minute, the promotion or advertising campaign you prefer with a momentary decision. Our graphic and design team, ready to support you for all of these, will be happy to offer you works that are suitable for your company's concept and brand value.
02. -
marka 1


We are at your service with our professional team in visual design, sponsorship, media planning and tracking, campaign design and advertising consultancy.
03. -


After working jointly with our project owner, corporate or individual customers, we carried out many projects that resulted in their satisfaction.


Nano Tasarım


We provide corporate services to many companies. Except for a few exceptions, nobody regretted it, and we continue to do everything we can to prevent it from happening. “One or two exceptions” also have very interesting stories. We can tell you without hesitation while drinking a cup of coffee.


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